Results PV Training, Uganda

Watch this compilation to get an impression of the stories of change made by the participants of the training on Most Significant Change (MSC) using Participatory Video (PV). During the training in Acholi, Northern Uganda, thirteen participants became familiar with the use of video for purposes of monitoring and evaluation. The results after 10 days of training are very impressive!

From February 2 until February 12, 2015, EyeOpener facilitated this training on Most Significant Change (MSC) using Participatory Video (PV) with the purpose of mapping the outcomes of AS4Y so far. It was very exiting to be involved in this training as a supervisor and to witness the outcomes of our project. It once again showed the power and the impact of video as a medium. We are looking forward to the follow up projects we will be a part of later this year.

The participants in this training represented vocational institutes and NGOs involved in the programme. After a basic training into video skills, they collected and selected stories like the ones in this short movie. AS4Y is a 3-year development programme and focuses at increasing the household income and food security in the region by developing agricultural and entrepreneurial skills of young farmers.

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