Promo Film | HvU Business Management

For the Hogeschool van Utrecht we have just finished the production for a promotional film for the Bachelor Program: Business Management. The film is made for the Bachelor Program: Business Management.The objective of the film was to give a good impression of the course, the locations where the course is being conducted and the diversity of the program. We chose to build the storyline around the people involved. Students, teachers and mentors at trainee companies give us a comprehensive introduction of this program. The film will be used for all kinds of promotional purposes.

Directed by: Sander de Nooij
Assisted by Ronald van Dijk
Client: Hogeschool van Utrecht
Produced by Film du Noir


Documentary Gesso | Campaign Film

A film for the crowd funding campaign for Gesso. For the feature length documentary Gesso – the art of street painting we have launched a crow funding campaing. After tree years the film is almost finished but we need a little bit of support for the post production. Click here to support this film and read all about the project. Or visit the official documentary website.

Directed and edited by Sander de Nooij and Alessio Cuomo

Produced by ColdSun Productions and Planet Streetpainting

Crowd Funding Campaign GESSO

“GESSO ~ The Art of Street Painting” 

is an independent, international feature Film. A documentary about the origins, diversity, spirit, appeal and growing popularity worldwide of modern day Street Painting. And a tribute to Street Painters, Festivals and Fans world wide.

This ‘road movie’ will take you to different countries and cultures, and tells the story of street painting through the eyes and hands of 7 artists, coming from very different social, cultural and artistic backgrounds, but united by their passion for pavement art. The film portrays beauty and hardship, the importance of unattachment, societal relevance and individual inspiration, drive and perseverance.

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